aˈbide by sth

phrasal verb
to follow a rule, decision, or instruction

Dictionary for writing and speaking English. 2014.

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  • bide your time — phrase to wait in a patient way for an opportunity to do something She bided her time patiently, until the opportunity came to get her revenge. Thesaurus: to delay action, wait or hesitatesynonym Main entry: bide * * * bide your time : to wait… …   Useful english dictionary

  • abide by something — aˈbide by sth derived (formal) to accept and act according to a law, an agreement, etc • You ll have to abide by the rules of the club. • We will abide by their decision. Main entry: ↑abide …   Useful english dictionary

  • time — time1 W1S1 [taım] n ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 1¦(minutes/hours etc)¦ 2¦(on a clock)¦ 3¦(occasion)¦ 4¦(point when something happens)¦ 5¦(period of time)¦ 6¦(available time)¦ 7 all the time 8 most of the time 9 half the time 10 at tim …   Dictionary of contemporary English

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  • bode — [bəud US boud] v [Sense: 2; Origin: Old English bodian] 1.) the past tense of ↑bide 2.) bode well/ill (for sb/sth) to be a good or bad sign for the future ▪ The opinion polls do not bode well for the Democrats …   Dictionary of contemporary English

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